A Great New Season

When you think of April in Toronto, you can’t help but think of warmer days, the anticipation of more good days to come, and for us at the Oasis Ads office – more great food and drinks shared with one another.  

Here’s a peek at two days in our office where we celebrated two very special people: Our long-term Client Development Manager, Julia Shisgal, and Q1 2019 Employee of the Quarter winner, Sobia Bata.  

Julia was 9 months pregnant and due for her maternity leave. She’s so devoted to her work she found it hard to stop working! (She’s actually the one writing this article. No, that’s not true but you believed it for a second – so point proven). 

 The girls got together and treated Julia to a surprise lunch with gifts. Disclaimer: We need to mention that this surprise lunch almost didn’t happen – we could not get her to leave her desk since she was trying to finish her work instead. In the end, we had to convince her to get takeout, where we finally surprised her in the front lobby.  

The next day for our monthly office lunch we turned it up a notch from our usual order of pizzas and beer, and gathered everyone around a hefty charcuterie board, coupled with servings of fancy sandwiches.  

We also announced the winner of the Q1 2019 Employee of the Quarter winner, Sobia Bata. Sobia started with us a year ago in the finance department, a very hard working department indeed as her colleague Katherina Rajomohan won an award the previous year. Sobia has proven herself throughout her first year, committing to late evenings when necessary, always doing exemplary work, always being super polite and a great addition to the growing team. 

She won a $250 visa card and a plaque on the wall in her honor. 

We also celebrated Julia’s last day with us and presented her with flowers and gifts. This time, we were successful in convincing her to leave her desk and join us for lunch.