Once Your Campaign Is Part Of The Oasis Ads Network

We will provide you with...

Expert Guidance

Trained and experienced sales and account management staff to address any questions or concerns.

Trusted Network

A network of trusted, top level affiliates.

Accurate Tracking

Affiliate ID tracking, allowing you to monitor and optimize your campaign at the affiliate level.

Maximum Results

Campaign optimization to ensure highest conversion, volume and revenue levels.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed transaction reporting, including date/time stamps, affiliate IDs, IP addresses, etc.

Top-level Support

Continued support to prevent campaign stagnation (including fresh design & development).

Whether you are an existing advertiser looking for more traffic, or a new advertiser looking to get started, WE CAN HELP! However, we won’t sugar coat things or tell you only what you want to hear, so please review our checklist below before reaching out to us:

  • We won’t fund your business. So if you want to try to use the CPA business to get rich, you’ll have to do it with another network. We have strict payment terms, and typically require prepayment from new partners.
  • We have to ensure the campaigns we bring to the Oasis network are worth the time of our affiliate base. So if you’re only interested in a tiny cap (i.e. less than 20 sales or leads a day), or if you’re only looking for traffic within a small geographical area (i.e. one US state or Canadian province or city), we probably can’t help you.
  • If you have zero knowledge of whatever vertical you’re looking to become an advertiser in, we can guide you and set you on the right path. We can also introduce you to solution providers to handle certain aspects of your business. However, we are not an online university. So please don’t expect us to give you an in-depth education and walk you through the entire process step by step.
  • If you don’t have a landing page for your campaign, we have solutions that will help you get your pages designed, translated and/or coded. However, we maintain ownership of our designs and translations and they become our exclusives. Another alternative is to pay a development fee, in which case you will own the work.