Another Year, Another Jays Game

We don’t want to jinx it but, the last three Blue Jays games the Oasis team attended, the Jays won. Even though they’ve been abysmal all season, the boys were still able to absolutely stomp the Yankee’s. If that’s not Oasis luck, we don’t know what is.

Of course, being an Oasis Ads event, there was more than just a Jay’s win in-store. As per tradition, some mystery boxes were up for the grabs, for the contenders who could exhibit the strongest willpower to conquer one of James’s challenges. The challenges are always a race, and always involve eating an uncomfortable amount of food.

The four mystery boxes held varying amounts of loot. The catch; one was not going to make you a happy camper. Was the risk of eating a cheat day worth of calories in one sitting enough to rationalize possibly walking away with nothing? Apparently so, as the crew patted their bellies and swallowed their pride.

Which challenge would you have taken? Two bags of popcorn? Six jalapeño poppers? Two large hotdogs? Or maybe you’ll take it easy with three cookies? Sike, they’re the big ones. Here’s a small tip, it’s more fun to just watch from the side. Trust me, I went for the popcorn. No, I did not win, thank you for asking.

All in all, you might say it was a crazy night. The Jays win by 6, Mary valiantly defends her title but chooses the box of air, Hayden comes from behind to steal the hot dog eating crown, Juan holds the largest mystery box of the night but swaps it not knowing it’s contents, which gives Comeback Kid Hayden the chance to snatch another big win and secure the biggest bag of the night. Mix the drama with some quality foods, an open bar, and great people and really, it sounds like it was just another night out for the Oasis team.

Witness Hayden’s glorious victory for yourself.