Oasis Is Back…Not That We Ever Left…Figuratively.

If you were to visit the Oasis offices at any point in the last 6 months, you may have reasonably assumed the entire company had flown the coop to find each of their own oases. Cold tube lights, barren desks, and office chairs that have seemingly healed from years of posterior pressure: this is all that was left after a pandemic shut down not only our office but half the world along with it.  

But amidst all the uncertainty and palpable chaos that has been the year that shall not be named, one thing has remained, strong as ever, at Oasis—our spirit.

(pause for dramatic effect)

Embarking on a journey never before attempted by our organization, within mere days, the decision was made to disperse and have every member of the team work from home, for the safety of themselves and their loved ones. It would have been rational, then, to assume that there would be some difficulties and a temporary drop in productivity. But Oasis isn’t no ordinary organization, and like the champions that they are, our team members pulled on their sweatpants and kept trudging on ahead like nothing ever happened.

The months ticked on and the team stayed headstrong, and before you knew it, it was time to reopen HQ. While duty is unequivocally important at Oasis, nothing surpasses safety. And so, to help ease the office back into shape, starting in mid-August, half the team was invited back into the comfort of our beautifully decorated office. The remaining half would be set to join them soon enough, in September, once effective safety measures, such as plexiglass dividers, were put into place.

While half the company got to enjoy a few extra weeks of WFH, the eager champs who charged into office early got to enjoy a little treat of their own. In classic Oasis fashion, James and Luke felt it was necessary that they share how proud they are of everyone’s resilience and how much they appreciate everyone making the reopening of the office a smooth and painless process. How did they share their undying admiration? With a quaint socially distanced speech and an air-pat-on-the-back.

A riveting and enthralling speech delivered by none other than James.

Yeah right! It’s Oasis people, you think a speech will suffice? Heck no.

In a great procession of professionals, the team/2 marched on down to The Fox: A Firkin Pub for a well-needed round of drinks and safely managed socializing—key word, safely. Air hugs only! Even with only half the office in attendance, the squad was still able to fill out the entire perimeter of the outdoor patio.

Such poise. Such grace. These champs don’t look like they’ve been locked away for more than 3 days.

What’s really cool about this place is that their menu’s are found through your phone, by scanning a QR code on the table. Do we know how to pick our COVID-complying places or what. Even the water was placed on a central table from where everyone could serve themselves.

All in all, everyone wins at Oasis. Those who got to WFH a few extra weeks got the luxury of a 15 second commute to the computer in the morning, and those who returned to HQ first got the incomparable camaraderie that is such a staple of the Oasis office, with the added benefit of some free food and booze.

Soon enough, we’ll all be back together and running as smooth as ever. After all, that’s the only way Oasis knows how.