Holidays Filled With Cheer, Beer, And A Sleigh Full Of Food Challenges

Happy New Year, folks!

As the holidays wrap up and everyone joyfully skips back into the office, stories of Christmas parties past are inevitably rekindled.

Those pictures you vaguely remember taking make the rounds in the office chat, funny phrases you muttered while inebriated beyond human capacity are repeated on an endless loop, and the crushing food challenge defeats you took at the hands of your co-worker are rubbed in your face.

Well, that last part is probably only a thing here at Oasis, but you get the point. Now that the shenanigans have settled down, it’s time to reminisce about our epic end to the decade.

The night starts with our annual Secret Santa gift exchange, which is really just an excuse to wet the beak a little before the real party starts.

Some classic egg nog and a couple of quality beers later, it’s time to march on down into the party bus! Maybe those beers weren’t the greatest idea as dinner would be served at the Cluny Bistro, in the Distillery District…

Pfft, as if a few measly drinks could keep the Oasis team down. Like champions, the drinkers valiantly wobbled up to the bar to get themselves some exquisite beverages made by some very talented bartenders. No, they did not ask us to write such a ravishing review. This is what happens when you actually get some quality service.

The fun wasn’t reserved for those without social reservations, of course. Forget the fruity mocktails, I’m talking about the food. A fine variety of appetizers follows by some mouth-watering mains makes for a great night, with or without alcohol.

And for those looking to have a little extra fun, James is never far off with his Food Challenge bell. Yes, there is now an actual bell to ring in the festivities. Let’s just say tapping wine glasses have some foreseeably undesirable consequences.

What was on the menu this time around for our competitors? A skillet of fried fingerling potatoes; a three-egg omelet (not so bad in retrospect); a plate of caramelized apple ribbons. And of course, the finale, a questionable combination of cotton candy, a slice of chocolate cake, and a variety of frosting. Believe it or not, that was all on one plate.

The girls at Oasis don’t play around.

Why would anyone put themselves through this sort of grueling struggle? For the chance at glory, which in this case was the grandest mystery box prize ever proposed. With the holidays in full swing, everyone was eyeing those boxes.

None more so than Steve. After demolishing the competition by inhaling the apple ribbons, Steve was feeling real good about himself. With the grand prize on one side and a measly 500 on the other, all he had to do was pick the right box. Our fearless champion of the eats, fuelled by the energy of his fans, claimed his box and…got snubbed.

But all was not lost. With the grand prize unclaimed, a bonus challenge was bestowed upon those who still dared to eat. This is where that monstrosity of cotton candy and cake comes in. Once again, Steve, with his pride on the line, obliterated the fools who attempted to dethrone him. I was one of those fools. I also lost to him with the apple ribbon. I blame myself.

Beware, those, who dare challenge The Dadd