Oasis At The Jays Game, 2018 Edition

The annual company Blue Jays game is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year at Oasis. A day out of the office, baseball with the best seats in the house, fantastic summer weather – what could possibly make it better?

Speed-eating the buffet food for cash, of course.

(Look at that view!)

I’ll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say there’s not a lot the Oasis team can’t scarf down in under two minutes if there’s enough money on the line. I’m speaking from experience here. (Pro Tip: cramming 2 hot dogs into your face is a lot easier with ketchup and mustard on them, no matter how much you’re mocked for it.) They’ll even recover popcorn from the floor to avoid a disqualification (I’m looking at you, Greg).

A lot of fun, good conversation, and four food challenges later the Jays had once again come out on top (2 years in a row!). Obviously, this was due to the good vibes the Oasis team was sending their way.

(Melisa, Julia, Nicola and Lindsay showing off their Blue Jays team spirit)

In true Oasis style, the night was far from over after the game. First, the team hit up the rooftop patio at The Porch, where there were plenty of margarita towers and bucket coronas to be had.

(Not sure what else was in that bucket, but I am told it tasted pretty good.)
(Vetura and Kathy, posing for the camera.)

The fun continued well into the evening, including a brief stint at the Rock ‘n’ Horse Saloon where Jocelyne showed off her skills on the mechanical bull, as well as a pretty epic quest for food led by Bernard which ended at Marben.

(Bernard can be seen almost out of camera shot on the right, enjoying his food like it is the well-deserved spoils of war.) 

All in all, it was another amazing Oasis Jays game — we can’t wait for next year!

(Look at all these awesome, smiling faces.)