The Great Donut Challenge

It’s never exactly clear how these things start, but one December afternoon we all found ourselves huddled around Vetura’s desk, watching her valiantly trying to put away 8 donuts in 20 minutes for $1000 cash.

I think most of the office will admit, the volume challenges (i.e. I bet you can’t eat this stupidly large amount of food without getting sick) are much harder than the speed challenges (i.e. race 5 other people to eat this reasonably sized portion of salad), and this one looked unusually painful.

Vetura started out extremely strong, getting through the first 5 donuts in pretty amazing time, including one particularly nasty Christmas tree shaped donut that looked like it was covered in toothpaste instead of icing. Unfortunately, by #6, we could all tell that she had hit the proverbial donut wall. Perhaps it was Vetura’s body desperately trying to get her blood sugar back in check. Perhaps it was James’ “let me tell you what’s really in the Boston Cream cream” story from his teenage years working at Tim Horton’s, which I refuse to go into further detail about. In either case, the great donut challenge ended at the bottom of one of the office garbage cans.

The 5 Stages of Donut Challenge

1. Denial

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

It’s not all bad news though. For her iron-clad effort Vetura received a pretty awesome gift card. I’m guessing she won’t be spending any of it at Tim Horton’s though.