Aware Ads, Inc. Names Its “Best of the Best” Employee for July 2012

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Aug. 8, 2012 – Aware Ads, Inc., parent company of the Oasis Ads affiliate network, announced today that it has chosen Lucas as its “Best of the Best” Employee of the Month for July 2012 and the subsequent winner of the Aware Ads “BOTB” championship belt.

“Lucas did a tremendous job as the Superintendent during the month of July,” said James VanderLinden, CEO of Aware Ads.  Added COO Luke Vice, “He did a great job mopping the floors, and his ability to increase or decrease the air conditioning as we required was appreciated.”

News of Lucas’ accolade spread quickly around the Aware Ads office, and some employees were quick to respond.  “Good for him, I guess,” said David Huegle, Director of Business Development.  “I mean he’s not actually an Aware Ads employee, he works for the building.  But it’s a nice building, I like the location.”  Mr. Huegle’s words were echoed by Christine Benoit, Director of Distribution who said, “He’s okay.”

Lindsay, Director of Media and Marketing, displayed her level of passion for the company and the award when she said, “This is absolute (expletive removed).  I work my (expletive removed) off for this (expletive removed) company, and if anybody deserves this piece of (expletive removed) award, it’s me.  That is my belt.  You understand?  That is my (expletive removed) belt.”

Calls to Aware Ads executives in response to Lindsay’s remarks were not returned.

About Aware Ads, Inc.

Aware Ads, Inc. was started by a couple of laid back guys with a combined 20+ years experience in online marketing. They worked for other companies long enough to understand what NOT to do when running a successful online company, and took that knowledge to create what has become one of the true dark horses in the online marketing and particularly the affiliate marketing space.


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