St. Patrick's Day, Green Beer... And Chocolate?!

It was a happy St. Patrick’s Day at Oasis Ads this year. Everyone enjoyed the classic Guinness, non-descript green beer, green clothing… and for some reason chocolate.

(Obligatory green beer.)

It all started when Luke found a box of unopened Cadbury chocolates (from Christmas, we’re pretty sure) that no one had laid claim to. It was a food challenge waiting to happen.

Our new Marketing Coordinator Melisa said she was more than up to the challenge, and managed to negotiate what sounded like a pretty sweet deal (no pun intended). 34 chocolates, 20 minutes, and $10 per chocolate. Sound too easy? Melisa hates chocolate. Maybe it’s because she’s lactose intolerant. Yikes. Don’t worry though, when Melisa said she needed something to wash the chocolates down with, Luke was kind enough to offer her a glass of milk. She opted for beer instead.

Here’s how it went down:

(Melisa looking determined.)
(Apparently, the beer helped.)
(Trying to strategize/dodge the caramels.)
(Almost there!)
(Melisa’s “I hate chocolate” face.)

It was a valiant effort, and although Melisa didn’t kill the whole box she still threw back an impressive 21 chocolates; maybe she was trying to save some for the rest of us. Either way, it was still good enough to count as a win for Luke’s challenge.

(Worth it!)
(Leftovers for everyone!)

As a special bonus, Lindsay even gifted Melisa a toothbrush from her last dentist visit! Melisa happily accepted.

(The gift that keeps on giving.)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!