Oasis Takes Over RINX!

Last Friday, the Team went over to Rinx Real Entertainment Centre for a day of fun, action and laughter! The afternoon started off with a game of solo laser tag, where an unexpected “laser-killer” emerged out of our group. The person with the most points during the game was none other than our finance coordinator, Kathy! Next, the group split into two teams to play the laser version of capture the flag. The blue team managed to be victorious after an intense battle against the red team.

After a quick break, the team headed over to the cyber sport arena to play a game that consisted of shooting a ball lacrosse-style and driving around in bumper cars. Again, the blue team managed to wipe out the yellow team however the teams weren’t composed of the same players; everyone managed to change teams whenever they had the chance too!

The day ended off with a fantastic array of finger foods and fajitas.
Thanks to hosts at Rinx Real Entertainment Centre for a wonderful day at the facility.