Oasis at the game again

It’s that time of the year again – it’s our second annual Jays game outing.

This year, we opted for a bigger suite, directly opposite of the Jumbotron, to accommodate our growing team. Within the year, we’ve had 8 new hires, almost doubling the size of the company. With the game happening on August 13th, Jays Fever was at its peak with a 10-game hot streak.

Even if you weren’t a baseball fan, it was hard not to have a good time with the endless supply of drinks and seemingly endless supply of food. If typical stadium food wasn’t your thing, fancier indulgences like lobster rolls and sushi were available. Also available was the classic (and infamous) baseball sugar cookie. Because of last year’s food challenge with a potential choking hazard, no one was allowed to agree to do a food challenge while being on the verge of blackout drunk.

But no such promise was made while out for drinks after the game. To be fair, no one ended up being blackout drunk. The only things we’re guilty of are being loud, reasonably obnoxious, breaking a wine glass, spilling wine, and causing the staff to be apprehensive about serving us more booze…at a decently classy restaurant/bar, of course.

It just wouldn’t be an Oasis event without alcoholic shenanigans after all.