Darren Does 50 Push-Ups To Win Back Dignity

As you may know by now, Oasis is all about daring our employees to complete outlandish eating challenges for money. But with all the gluttony that happens here, we’re also concerned about people’s well-being, which is why we encourage things like push-up challenges.

For one reason or another, Bernard bet Hayden a lunch that Darren could easily do 50 push-ups. Reminiscent of his shrimp cocktail challenge, Darren hastily agreed. The first 15 were easy, but his military push-up stance made the challenge more difficult than originally anticipated. He widened his arms shortly after, but he had already used up the majority of his energy by that point. Yet again, Darren talked through the whole challenge, weakening his mental game. With no prize incentive to motivate him, he threw in the towel at 32 push-ups.

After being coached about his technique, Darren was back the week after for a second try. There were no bets here — the only prize would be redemption of his dignity after losing two consecutive challenges prior. This time, Darren opted for a normal push-up stance, which helped greatly since his pace was steady and consistent the whole way through…All the way to 50.

Congratulations Darren, you’re no longer an absolute shame!