The Gentleman's Steak & Shrimp Challenge

Part of the fun of a food challenge is that it’s…well, challenging. Like in any competition, it’s a sight to see the struggles and physical feats that a person must overcome to win. But there are those who are so glorious in their field that they make the challenge look effortless. They’re people like Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, and Agostino Facciolo.

Taking a look back at the company Christmas party, Ago was keen to take on a food challenge. He barely hesitated when James challenged him to the Tomahawk Steak challenge. This bone-in steak was said to be at least 32 ounces of meat. It also included vegetable sides. If Ago could finish everything in 30 minutes, he’d win $1000.

With the first bite, Ago remarked that the steak was excellent. He continued to tackle the steak at a steady and casual pace. After 15 minutes, he started working on the vegetables, still at without pain or a sense of urgency. He even found time between bites to sip on wine. He easily finished the challenge in 22 minutes, making sure that every shred of meat was cleared from the bone. But that wasn’t the end of his challenges.

At the 20 minute mark, James pulled the plug on Darren’s shameful shrimp cocktail challenge to let Ago show him how it’s done. After he finished the Tomahawk, Ago had 4 minutes to finish 3 shrimp cocktail glasses, which included the shrimp and the sauce. Crushing that challenge too, he won an additional $500, which brought his grand total to $1500.

For his cool and collected demeanor, he was also given the nickname “The Gentleman”.