The Great Dessert Face-off

In our first head-to-head challenge, Anne faced off against Sabrina in an extreme dessert challenge. The challenge was to eat all the desserts on the menu at Wildfire Steakhouse. This included creme brulee, a chocolate torte, carrot cake, cheesecake, berry cake, and caramel apple pie. To make the challenge extra difficult, no drinks were allowed.

There was no time limit. Instead, it would be a speed race between the two. Whoever finished their plate of desserts first would win $1000.

Anne and Sabrina were fierce competitors throughout the whole challenge. Anne was steady with her classic technique, politely shoveling bits of cake into her mouth with a fork from start to finish. On the other hand, Sabrina mashed her cakes together and eventually used her hands to eat. With the different techniques, no one could tell who was ahead.

Despite singing, chanting, and cheering from the rest of the group, the two remained focused throughout. The only time they looked up from their food was to glare at the competitor.

But in the end, Sabrina managed to finish all of her desserts first. With so much excitement, we don’t have an official time count, but the challenge took somewhere between 10-15 minutes to complete. Sabrina had already won $250 from her shrimp cocktail sauce challenge, so with this additional $1000 win, she took home a total of $1250. For Anne’s incredible effort, James gave her a participation prize of $500.