Sabrina vs. Shrimp Cocktail Sauce

Oasis is no stranger to food challenges. With a huge steak challenge attempted at last year’s Christmas party, we knew that the stakes would be higher at this year’s party. Unlike other challenges, challenges that took place this year were spontaneous. The night began with appetizers at Wildfire Steakhouse. After they had been devoured, all that remained was the shrimp cocktail sauce.

And so, The Shrimp Cocktail Challenge was born. The challenge was to eat 3 cups of Shrimp Martini sauce in 15 minutes with nothing to drink. The sauce is standard shrimp cocktail dip made from horseradish and ketchup and infused with citrus. It also includes a slice of lemon and shredded lettuce for added texture. Eager to do a food challenge before the end of the year, Sabrina stepped up for a chance at $250.

She breezed through the first two glasses in about 2 minutes, slowed down a bit during the third glass, and paused briefly in shock after learning that the sauce was also infused with vodka. Towards the end, she was turning a tinge of red. We’re not quite sure if it was from the horseradish spice or from the alcohol. Nevertheless, she crushed the challenge in just under 4 minutes.

With such an effortless victory, James put another shrimp cocktail challenge on the table. This time, a harder challenge for $500. Check back later to see the details of the challenge and how Darren faired.