Shrimp Cocktail Shame

As a follow-up to the original Shrimp Cocktail Challenge, James decided that there needed to be a second challenge that would be more difficult, more demanding, and more competitive. This time, $500 was up for grabs. All Darren had to do was eat 3 full shrimp cocktails in 4 minutes, including the sauce. Each shrimp cocktail included 6 shrimps, sauce, lettuce, and lemon slices. To spice things up even more, we requested extra vodka in the sauce.

After eating a measly 1 shrimp, Darren began expressing his regret about taking on the challenge. He insisted that the shrimp were too big. After giving up on the shrimp, he moved onto the sauce. Upon trying one spoonful of sauce, he threw in the towel. With his laughing, talking, crying, and whining in pain, Darren was just not cut out for the mental warfare of food challenges.

In total, he ate 7 out of 18 shrimp and a spoonful of sauce. Needless to say, he failed miserably at this challenge. While everyone else celebrated the night with champagne after dinner, Darren was given a glass of milk as a symbol of the lowly shame he brought upon himself. Which he almost didn’t finish. But since he did finish his milk and provided gracious toasts to every individual at the table, we allowed him to keep his job.