Evander Holyfield Honoured With Key To Portland

Evander Holyfield was honoured with the key to the city of Portland, Maine last Friday. Holyfield was in town for the All Star Boxing Event as a special guest. As five-time Heavyweight Champion, he acts as an inspiration for not only aspiring boxers, but for citizens of Portland as well.

Portland mayor, Michael Brennan, said that he admires Holyfield’s perseverance and hopes that people can follow his example to strive for success through commitment and passion. Holyfield began boxing at 8 years old and found many instances where difficulties would sway him to give up—almost.  He credits much of his success to his mother who pushed him to keep going by motivating him not to quit. Now, Holyfield is imparting that same wisdom on others.

At the conference to receive the key to the city, Holyfield appeared sporting his Real Deal Health gear. At an event meant to attract and inspire boxers, Holyfield championed this advertising opportunity by proudly wearing RDH’s logo on his shirt. With press and potential customers present, Holyfield continues to be an influential figure in the athletic community and we’re happy that he’s taking Real Deal Health along for the ride into the limelight. If you look close enough, you can see the Oasis logo on the sleeve of his shirt. We don’t mind a little limelight exposure either.