Now Live: Real Deal Health

In partnership with BiaFlex Inc. and boxer Evander Holyfield, Oasis Ads has launched Real Deal Health. Real Deal Health provides individuals with an extra boost to take fitness, strength, and endurance to the next level. Real Health Deal offers NO2 Burst and TestoEdge20. With either one of these health supplements, users will quickly see results with noticeable muscle growth, fat burning, and increased energy, which all lead to an optimized workout experience.

To endorse these products, we’re happy to have Evander Holyfield in our corner. Boasting as the former Undisputed World Champion in both the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions, Holyfield is the perfect advocate for fitness and nutrition supplements. It was a pleasure having Holyfield alongside our team at the Affiliate Ball last year and we remain excited to have his image and testimonials complementing the Real Deal Health website. With a big name like Holyfield as a partner, ads have huge potential to attract major attention and profit.

We’re currently running traffic internally but will expand to affiliate traffic soon. We’ll be running cost-per-sale offers, but risk-free trials are currently in the works. This offer will be open exclusively to our network of affiliates only, so reach out to us if you’re interested!