Oasis Ads Food Challenges

Here at Oasis Ads, eating is just a routine task. We like to keep things interesting by creating food challenges (with cash prizes, of course) to test our colleagues’ eating abilities. Sometimes it was man vs. food and other times it was a battle between coworkers.

For the first food challenge, we kept things simple: a package of cookies in 30 minutes. They were large chocolate chip cookies, and no drinks were allowed. Bernard easily completed this one and cashed in on $100.

After the easy win on the Cookie Challenge, we knew we needed to make things more interesting. Introducing Bernard’s Butter Challenge: 2 lbs of butter in 30 minutes. In order to increase the difficulty, Bernard wasn’t even allowed any liquids to wash it down. No one else was willing to try this one and after the easy defeat of the Cookie Challenge, Bernard was feeling overly confident and $500 was on the line. The verdict: Unsuccessful… And butter will never taste the same.

To follow up the butter challenge, we knew it needed to be good. Keeping the prize at $500, up next was Hayden’s Pizza Burger Challenge. 2 Pizza Hut Medium Meatlovers pizzas as the buns, 6 patties (2 McDonald’s, 2 Burger King, 2 A&W) making up the burger. We all stared in awe at the meal Hayden was about to attempt. The final product was so large; it was hard to believe that anyone would even bother attempting this. The Verdict: After a valiant effort, even Hungry, Hungry Hayden couldn’t make this challenge work.

For our third food challenge we wanted to up the ante – Introducing the Coworker Food Off! Lindsay vs. Hayden in a Pizza Hut Challenge. To get this one started, we ordered a ton of cheese Pizza Hut deep dish pizzas. The challenge was pretty open: whoever ate the most pizza in 30 minutes won. In order to entice the ladies of the office to get involved, we raised the prize to a cool $1,000. The verdict: Lindsay never stood a chance and threw up the white flag before even trying… Hayden wins this one by a landslide.

After decimating Lindsay in the Pizza Hut Battle… Hayden seemed almost untouchable. We couldn’t let this thought continue. In order to keep Hayden interested, this Challenge also held a $1,000 prize. This led to the ultimate food challenge to date – The Houston’s Steak Challenge. Consisting of 2 lbs of steak and 1 lb each of fries and coleslaw, Hayden knew he needed to get in the zone. He even kept his sunglasses on all day in preparation. After making it through the steak and fries, Hayden attempted the coleslaw – his most hated component of the challenge. Unfortunately, Hayden wasn’t able to pull through. He made it to the last bite and just couldn’t find the strength.

 Overall, it’s safe to say that neither food nor employees are safe at Oasis Ads Media.