Anne's going-away party

For almost 2 years, she’s been the first voice you hear when you call into Oasis, she has not once complained about being too swamped to set up offers for the sales team, but more importantly, she’s been our office Mom that kept everything running smoothly. We’re sad to say that Anne has left Oasis to pursue other things (mainly marriage).

Whether it was grabbing us snacks, being the go-to person whenever anyone needed to find anything in the office, or telling us how stupid we were for putting milk on a ledge where it could easily spill, Anne had no problem being the responsible caretaker to all.

But part of her legacy here will also be her little habit of getting drunk and taking on eating challenges during group outings. When there were unlimited booze and money on the line, Anne managed to be entertaining, determined, and a little horrific all at the same time. We don’t think there’s anyone else who can eat a tin full of sugar cookies under 10 minutes, become blackout drunk, and forget the whole ordeal the next day.

To send her off, we had the usual pizza for lunch, accompanied by cake. Then after work, the festivities continued with drinks and ping pong over at Spin.

We’ve said it before but we’ll happily say it again: Thanks Anne for your impact here at Oasis.