Matt Takes On The Expired Cheesecake Challenge

Would you eat expired cheesecake for a chance at $500?

2 weeks ago, James brought in a homemade blueberry cheesecake from his wife. We responded to this kind gesture by letting half the cheesecake rot in the fridge. Instead of senselessly tossing it away, we put the expired leftovers to good use by challenging Matt Topa (Affiliate Manager) to eat it. Here was the official challenge:

Challenge: Eat half of a 2-week old blueberry cheesecake
Time limit: 15 minutes
Prize: $500

Matt managed to finish most of the cheesecake within 5 minutes, but struggled a bit with the last few bites. At that point, he started to turn a bit purple and we weren’t entirely sure whether he was getting sick or whether it was just the blueberries. Either way, he conquered the challenge and made it look easy, even licking the tin clean at the end.