Oasis at the Ballgame

Last Wednesday, we took our team and a few affiliates out to the ball game– in luxury. Up in the private suites at the Rogers Centre, we were treated to a steady flow of food, an open bar, and a pretty great view of the Jays.

Even though the Jays lost, it was hard to be disappointed that day. Upon first walking into the booth, there was a full spread of burgers, hot dogs, loaded sandwiches, chicken fingers, and sushi waiting. Well, the sushi ran out quickly before everyone arrived. Which, is our unique way of reminding everyone that punctuality is key. Yes, we’re learning and teaching everyday…even at a baseball game. Early bird gets the sushi. Just as everyone thought that they were full, pizzas came out, which were shortly followed by ice cream and cookies. But let’s not forget that there’s always room for booze.

In the spirit of our usual shenanigans, we even had a food challenge extended to one of our team members. 7 baseball-sized cookies in 10 minutes with no water allowed, for a prize of $1000. Our trooper made it through about 5 cookies at a good pace, but things took a bad turn. Unfortunately, the bartender wasn’t experienced in food challenges and was overtly concerned for the safety of our employee. In being so, the bartender placed a glass of water next to our competitor, who then took a sip in an subconscious motion, ending the challenge.

Nevertheless, the festivities didn’t stop after the suite closed since we moved the party to another downtown location. With this full day of entertainment and drinks, it undoubtedly made for a memorable experience.